Taking some time to heal….

Taking some time to heal….

“Be gentle with yourself…you are doing the best you can”

Whoah…….my poor wee body has been through the absolute ringer lately with some pretty intense heavy metal detoxing, infection fighting, thyroid and adrenal fatigue, p l u s addressing hormone imbalances (or complete lack of hormones in my case – eeeekkk)

Getting to the root cause of Simo’s missing period dilemma (aka amenorrhea) and fertility challenges has proven to be a long and winding road…BUT this journey has also taught me so much about patience, trust, divine timing, gratitude and seeing the good in every situation.

Simo Says – I wholeheartedly believe that difficult roads VERY often lead to beautiful destinations 🙂

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*A special note for all the ladies in da house too, incase your wondering, life without a period (or menstrual cycle) isn’t the best thing ever 🙁 Even though our monthly visitors can be super annoying and inconvenient at times, they are also a major indicator of our overall health. If something is not quite right in the body, looking at our monthly cycle can be the first vital sign.

Simo Says – Thank you beautiful body for the warning signal, I will be sure to get right on it!! Woo!!

So my period first went M.I.A when I came off the contraceptive pill a little over 2 1/2 years ago. At first I didn’t think much of it as I knew it was common for some peeps to take a few months for their cycles to return (plus being the sensitive wee Simo that I am, I was kinda half expecting it). But as the months kept passing by, I started to think that there must be something else going on, an underlying cause that my body was trying to tell me….hmmmmm???

At the time I was experiencing some pretty severe digestive issues with chronic constipation, tummy pains, bloating, gas – you name the tummy disorder and I had it!! So to me it was obvious to start my battle here which then lead me down the path of being diagnosed with a belly full of parasites, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) plus a redundant bowel to top it all off  (meaning my digestive tract has more twists and turns than “normal”- oh dear!)

Keeping my spirits high I soldiered on and fought with everything I had. I tweaked my diet, ditched the sugar / grains, changed career and found my passion. My whole way of living improved and I am excited to announce my tummy pains are no more no more – oh yeah!!

As it turns out though, this victory was only one peel of the onion layer, leading me to where I am today….still healing and more determined than ever to achieve vibrant WHOLE health 🙂

IMG_5538   h e a l in g pic

Simo Says – The hardest part about healing is allowing yourself the time and space to actually h e a l.

Oh yes…healing is definitely an art that takes time, practice and a whole lot of love (there is also no denying it can be a huge pain in the butt on occasion too – grrr). For me personally, I have experienced many of days with horrible brain fog, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings (crazy wo-man alert) and feeling utterly wiped with total mind, body and soul e x h a u s t i o n.

The journey to health sure can be a mighty tough one with some inevitable darker days and mini battles to overcome along the way. GOSH I can honestly see why some people avoid signing up for this and understand their logic for looking at different, more convenient methods.

I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t admit to sneakily hoping for a quick fix solution at times too. If someone could off me a magic bullet where I would be instantaneously vibrant, healthy and PREGNANT, I would totally scream “hell yeah baby”. But with all the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired these past few years, I know in my heart of hearts that this simply isn’t realistic.

Just like good wine and cheese…healing takes time 🙂

It is my personal belief that this “so called magic bullet” may only mask the symptom, leaving it wide open to rear its ugly head (in an even uglier form) later on down the track. My view is to “strike while the iron is hot” and fix the real problem while I still have the chance – let’s do this!!

Clearing out as many toxins, heavy metals, bad bacteria and anything else that is detrimental to my health (and the health of our future babies) is a H U G E priority for me now. That’s why I am so super motivated to do my very best to find this underlying cause and stop it in it’s track. How grateful I am for this opportunity to heal myself from the inside out and cleanse my whole entire being before we get to welcome our gorgeous, cheeky little Simo and Willis into the world.

On an even brighter note…my healing has also brought with it a whole lot of “experimental” fun too. Leading me to meet some pretty epic health care practitioners ranging from the traditional (white suit types) to the more alternative / spiritual (woo woo) kind, these legends ROCK!

Check out my team who have all contributed and shaped me into the Simo I am today – Y A Y 


Simo’s Team Of Healing Guru’s

Naturopath Kate Bird My nutrition super star. Specialising in QRA (refer below), energy medicine, clay packing, emotional clearing, herbal formulas and live source (easily absorbed / top quality) supplementation. She is a world of knowledge on all things diet and lifestyle with a focus on building up my nutrition (food is medicine y’all)  to strengthen my bodies ability to heal itself.

Quantum Reflex Analysis QRA  is an advanced form of kinesiology using acupressure points to assess the bioenergetic status of key organs and glands, detects chronic infection and toxicity and assesses the nutritional requirements for optimal recovery and health.

Kate has been my number one side kick through the thick and thin. She has guided me through my parasite and liver cleanse, my M A M M O T H  heavy metal detox protocol, methylation issues, hormone imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Way more than just a naturopath… her knowledge, love, kindness, encouragement and down-to-earth nature have truly saved me.


Acupuncture Angels Andrea Bicket & Shani Issacson – Both ah-mazing beauties who have supported my whole being on soooooo many levels. Simo and acupuncture go hand in hand and I seriously couldn’t imagine life without my weekly zen treatment now. A full mind, body and soul experience, I am hooked lined and sinker for eternity I tells ya!!

“Acupuncture works with the energy of your body. The Japanese call this energy Ki which is a vital energy for life that circulates around the body via channels or meridians. Along these pathways of energy are the acupuncture points. Carefully selected points are chosen (per individual needs) to gently stimulate your Ki and create balance throughout your whole body.”

So much love for these angels, they brighten my world for all that they are and do 🙂

Chiropractor Dr Sammy – I remember being SO nervous to get an adjustment for the first ever time, but Sammy was the man. The improvements I have seen with my spine and overall health have been immeasurable (think no more throbbing neck or shoulder pain and the ability to breathe more deeply) Due to some silly laws in place I am not allowed to reveal young Sammy’s last name (booooo) but let’s just say I am a huge fan of a good old back crack.

Mayan Abdominal Healing Andrea Lopez  – A beautiful tummy massage incorporating ancient wisdom and traditional techniques. The idea behind this blissful treatment is to realign the female organs so they are in optimal position (increasing natural flow and fertility power – woo hoo) whist also supporting your spiritual self and re-awakening the divine feminine within.

Andrea teaches you how to perform a nourishing “self care” massage at home, and if you’re open to it, some other juicy female rituals like yoni (aka vagina) steams!! (he he he still makes me giggle, I will give anything a try)

GP Dr Sue Redman + Fertility Specialist Dr Kirsten Morrow – My reassuring medical women who provide a more conventional perspective and keep me in the loop with future alternatives if needed. These ladies are very open minded, incorporating there medical degrees while understanding my natural healing approach (both wonderful additions to team Simo)

Neuro Link James Elleray – This guy I like to call my “brain dude”.  His job is to reconnect my brain (the master communicator) to my body so it is all working together in harmony to achieve optimal function. James describes what he does as a complete system upgrade – so powerful.

*The results I have seen with Neuro Link have been pretty spectacular so far. He has reset my circadian rhythm from stress mode to rest mode (three cheers for better sleep) as well as reawakening my brain to speak to my ovaries again. Call it a coinky-dink but literally straight after my first treatment my hormone levels increased and my heavy metals came down.

Could Neuro Link be Simo’s missing link? All ten fingers and toes crossed xx

img_6366 img_6370

And last but not least, I have to mention the spiritual aspect of my journey (my most favourite part). I have seen countless psychics, energy and crystal healers, past life regression therapists and Reiki masters. My top three spiritual goddesses that stand out above the rest are Rebecca Brown (Soul to Soul Healing) , Sandy Bell (Earthstar Healing) and my bestie Katherine from Cooked With Love (who is also a naturally gifted Reiki queen among her many talents).

Oooohh and I M U S T give a special shout out to Stacey from The Happy Healthy Soul too who doses me up with beautiful movement, prayer and infinite positive vibes (all in her groovy garage by the way) and the whole team at Yoga Vida for making me a better Simo 🙂

Such a fabulous team, each providing their own unique gifts, talents and healing goodness. All awesome and all playing a vital role in securing their piace in Simo’s Health Puzzle Journey. 


Simo Says – Taking some time to heal has brought with it many insightful and important life lessons!!

Being able to surrender to life’s uncertainties and venture with open arms into the unknown (whilst also keeping the utmost trust and faith) has proven to me my greatest test.

You see nobody can tell me for DEFINITE that my period will return and that I will be blessed with a beautiful growing baby bump (my ulitmate goal – woo hoo!!) But that doesn’t stop me from believing in it 150%. Of course I have some darker days but for the most part I just keep swimming and enjoy the ride and all the wonderful aspects of this whole experience.

“In life we can not control certain things that happen to us, but we can control how we choose to respond.”

Here are some of things that I am choosing….

  • I choose to trust my journey, knowing that the dots will connect looking back
  • I choose to believe my healing is for a greater purpose; making me stronger, more resilient, more patient and more wise; perfect preparation for mumma hood – yew!!
  • I choose to listen to my heart and follow my intuition (Simo knows what’s best for Simo)
  • I choose to continue with a happy spirit (as much as possible) rather than self-pity
  • I choose to focus on the good, living in the present and loving my life exactly as it is NOW
  • I choose to be a warrior not a worrier (ain’t nothing going keep me down)
  • I choose to wake up everyday, be grateful and do the very best I can.
  • And most importantly….I choose love over fear (I am all about the love baby)


WOW…thank you so incredibly much for allowing me to “keep it real”  and share this very personal healing journey of mine. I truly hope you have been inspired to keep going on your own unique healing path, always keeping your face towards that warm-hearted sunshine.

Sending Loads of Love and Healing Your Way

Simo xxx












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  1. YOU are a mighty strong and courageous woman beautiful Simo. Thank you for sharing your story with such powerful and beautiful rawness. You are an amazing storyteller, and your story is one that deserves to be told as it is packed full of inspirational and positive perspective choices despite the challenges. I am just in awe of you. Go girl x

    • Awwww I am in awe of YOU beautiful Stace. Thank you for being apart of my journey, you are an amazing light in my life 🙂 xxx

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