Become A Spirit Junkie + Discover Your Zen

Become A Spirit Junkie + Discover Your Zen

“Being a Spirit Junkie means to choose to live a positive and elevated existence and to choose to practice forgiveness and self-love and self-care and to be on a spiritual journey of your own understanding” – Gabrielle Bernstein

After reading Gabby Bernstein’s book called “Spirit Junkie”, I instantly fell in love with this wonderful concept and it left me craving more of this enlightened way of living (and being). I mean who wouldn’t want to live like this when some of the key focus words are “positive”, “forgiveness”, “self-love” and “self-care”….sign me up baby!!

Apart from that though, I especially love how being a “Spirit Junkie” can mean whatever you want it to mean. There is no right or wrong definition of the term as it purely comes down to that divine understanding you have with yourself, at the deepest soul level.

Simo Says – It’s all about following your own intuition, your inner guide or mentor, and moving forward with life in whichever way feels best for you.

To me, it all comes down to a feeling that I experience when I learn to connect to my heart and soul rather than let my mind and opinion of others take over. I love that feeling of being in flow with my true inner-self; it feels so warm, fuzzy and safe. It is as if I am being gently guided by a series of beautiful synchronistic events, occurring as signposts along my merry way.



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Oh yeah…one sure way to speed up this process is to stop, drop and meditate!!

I am actually quite a newbie to this meditation craze myself, but already after just a couple of months of exploring this infinite space of nothingness, I have experienced PROFOUND changes throughout my life. I am super stoked to now be on the meditation bandwagon, after years of resistance, excuses and not really understanding the whole gist, I finally get it!!

Simo Says – Ding Ding Ding – light bulb moment alert!!

So I am now hoping to inspire others to STOP, SIT and QUIET the demons in their own minds so they can get a glimpse of this awesome feeling too. Gosh if only there was a way I could bottle up this b l i s s and give it out to the world I absolutely would (how cool would that be?). But until then, my next best advice is to just give it a go yourself, remembering that the more resistance you feel towards it, the more you probably need it!!

And it’s also important to note that your meditation practice is entirely unique to you. There is no “perfect” way to meditate so please don’t wait until you have “perfected” this beautiful art – you really just need to start. For some people that may be as simple as putting aside 5 minutes of their day to do a quick body scan and breath check, while for others it may be running away to join the monks!! Either way is all good in the hood folks (no space for judgement here).

Here are some of my top tips to help you discover more zen in your life….


1. Become friends with silence

Why is it that us humans always try to fill our time with a whole lot of s t u f f ?  A classic example of this is when you receive a bonus day off work and the first thing you do is fill it up to the max with social catch ups, chores, to-do-lists, shopping, paying bills – you name it!! Sometimes these sorts of things can be super rewarding (and necessary at times) but have you ever stopped to think about including some silence in your day?

In my eyes, finding time for quiet and stillness is just as important as the go-go-go, push yourself to the max mentality. It is a way to tune in and really connect with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions, rather than soaking up the energy and opinions of others.

Becoming “friends with silence” could be right up your alley if you are cringing at the thought of a full blown “meditation” sesh too. It is so easy to incorporate more “nothingness” into your life as all you need is a private space, just big enough for you and your lovely self. Try this:

Close the door of your bedroom and literally just lay there in silence for 10 minutes. Observe how your body is feeling (any sore, heavy spots?) Allow yourself to unwind and process any thoughts/emotions that may come your way. Enjoy this time, listen hard and take note of the beautiful sounds of life outside. Nothing else matters but this moment right here right now!!

Get amongst the blissful silence guys and let it soothe and nourish your soul – yay 🙂


SIMO-8 pic   silence pic


2. Hit up some guided meditations

Once you have become a pro at “silence”, the next step is to go a bit deeper and explore the wonderful land of your subconscious mind. Guided meditations are pretty epic as they help redirect your busy mind chatter and take you on a wonderful journey deep within.

Here are some I am digging at the moment….

– Beyond Synchronicity – This is my all-time-fav and gives me goosebumps even just thinking about them. There are four different meditations to choose from and they are all based on powerful Ancient Sanskrit words, that you repeat as mantra’s throughout each one. You begin with with breathing exercises, then move onto opening the chakras and body awareness, and finish off with grounding techniques and a beautiful visualisation.

Note: These awesome tracks cost $9.95 to download (a small investment in my view) and they go for approx 50 minutes long. The facilitator Kayla has intuitively created these with so much love, even recording them on a specific frequency that leaves you with the most incredible spine chills. Hands down the best guided meditations I have personally come across :

-Belinda Davidson “Guided Chakra Cleanse For Busy People”  – Set against a backdrop of tranquil and soothing music, you’ll immediately feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. This meditation not only balances and cleanses your chakras, it also teaches you how to channel White Light for yourself. The duration is approx 35 minutes and costs $17.95


For those of you wanting some shorter guided meditations you can also hit up Melissa Ambrosini (she has loads of 10 minute ones focusing on self-love, self-worth, manifestation and the bestest is her “protection” one. Gabrielle Bernstein has some “Spirit Junkie” meditations that are pretty cool and Natalie Ubl Grant from Light Of Wellness has just started a Guided Meditation Podcast – can’t wait to listen to the juicy stuff on there!!

There are also heaps of FREE meditations that you can find on google or you tube. As well as some apps like Smiling Mind and Head Space that may be of interest to you. Check them all out and find one that resonates with you!!


3. Prioritise regular retreats

Spoil yourself by booking in yearly (or more if possible) yoga / meditation retreats. Life is getting busier by the second so it’s important to schedule in this much needed time out!!

A few people have mentioned this place to me which is located in Maleny on the stunning Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  The Chenezig Institute has a whole range of epic retreats and soul nourishing activities to choose from…any Sunny Coasters want to join me??? Let’s go 🙂


4. Soak up the healing powers of essential oils

In particular the Peace & Meditation blend which can be purchased from Simo’s Shop – oh yeah!! Essential oils have become apart of my everyday life now. I love how they raise the vibration of your entire body, lifting your mood and nurturing your spirit on all kind of levels.

Simo Says – The combination of Lavender, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Myrrh make this the perfect companion to increase your zen factor!!

This blend will help you to create the most beautiful anchor, allowing you to centre and ground yourself to the present moment. A little dab on your wrist or the back of neck will work wonders as well as pooping a few drops in your vaporiser to light up the whole room.


5. Experience nature in all its glory

Spending time in nature has been proven to soothe and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Even just “being” in nature, whether it be the beach, bush or lakeside, can be enough to calm one self and gain more clarity and insight.

For me personally, I really look forward to my weekend hikes with my husband Willis and my puppy Bowie. We all agree that there is something super special about inhaling the magic of nature and it is one of the most pure forms of meditation there is.

IMG_2514   willis bowie forest


So there you have it guys….my top 5 zen recommendations have been revealed.

If you are still craving more than head on over to the Infinite Love Society where you will discover a whole series called “Meditation Motivators” . Melina has interviewed heaps of awesome guru’s on this topic, including a sneaky little interview with SIMO too (that’s me)

In summary…being a Spirit Junkie totally rocks

It makes me feel good, it makes me a better person and it gives me something to believe in.

Simo Says – I hope you embrace your spirit and find your zen too 🙂

Namaste xxx














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