How I fell pregnant (without a period) !!

How I fell pregnant (without a period) !!

Happy, whole and complete… exact feelings right now 🙂

Oh my freekin goodness, I seriously can not believe I am 21 weeks pregnant! This is hands down one of the happiest moments of my life, and not just because I am about to become a mumma (my ultimate dream), but also because I am just so darn proud of myself for how far I have come, and for the journey that I have travelled to reach this incredibly momentous milestone.

Simo Says – It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey – #TRUTHBOMB alert, woop woop!!

So I have already gone into detail about my own healing and fertility story, you can read all about it here if you like. But In a nutshell, I have basically spent 3 1/2 years cleansing my mind, body and soul, physically and emotionally preparing for motherhood.

It began when my period was MIA after coming off the contraceptive pill to start a family. This was not ideal as no period = no ovulation = no babies (nooo!!) Taking a deep breath, I took it within my stride to do everything I could to regain my cycle, health, and ultimately my fertility.

I healed my gut, killed off parasites and bad bacteria, detoxified heavy metals, switched to chemical free living (so passionate about this!) and gained some “healthy” weight (welcome back carbs he he). I  followed my passion (yogi bear training and Soul Shine Simo – woo) as well as tuning into my intuition and connecting with the beautiful synchronicity’s / epic flow of life.










Goshhh I still remember how determined I was to take the most holistic approach to healing first. I felt with every ounce of my being that this was totally the best option for me and my recovery. It just made perfect sense to look at health from a w h o l e perspective.

And I am soooo super happy to announce that I honoured this feeling right up until the end…all the way through until something within me changed…

There was this defining moment in my journey, it was around the time when things were starting to look up. My hormones were rising, my toxicity levels had reduced to a safe range (uber important for pregnancy) and I was emotionally really really happy (a massive thank you to Being Yoga for their AMAZEBALLS yoga teaching training course – absolutely life changing!!)

I felt an energy shift, a beautiful soft whisper within my soul letting me know that I was now ready.  My body was now ready (and strong enough) to take the next step. Ready to give medicine a try, a willingness to be open, to trust I had done enough and to see what happens….

Simo Says – Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie 🙂

And that’s where Femara enters the story. Femara is a pharmaceutical drug (similar to Clomid) that helps stimulate ovulation. I was put on the lowest dose for a five day trial to see if it would bring on a period. But you wouldn’t believe what happened….a freekin M I R A C L E that’s what!!!

Instead of a period, the egg that ovulated decided to be a baby instead!! You little ripper!! My first ovulation since I was 16 years old resulted in our very own baby sunshine. Yahooooo!!!



I truly believe that each step of my journey was crucial, and that no part of it was a mistake. I wholeheartedly feel that everything I did was perfect (even the days when the detox made me feel ill, and the extra weight gain sad – booo!! ) Buttt at least I can now relax knowing that I did the absolute best I could. Putting my health and happiness first not only benefited me, but also our gorgeous, growing baby bump too!! Something I will be proud of for the rest of my days 🙂


So what are the lessons I have learnt throughout this whole crazy, beautiful, scary process??


There are always going to be a gazillion opinions out there. Trust me, I know how overwhelming it can be at times. But the thing is that everybody means well. Usually people are just voicing their opinions because they are passionate about something that has worked for them before.

And unfortunately at the end of the day, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. The trick is to tune into your heart space, your inner mentor (or gut instinct) and just make a call, remembering that there are no mistakes, just important vital steps along the way.



I can’t tell you how many times people thought I was crazy for spending so many years cleansing, detoxing and building up my nutrition. It was really hard as I felt like I was letting those closest to me down. All I wanted was to give them a little bubba to hold but I also knew that I had a big job to do. I knew within my heart that I needed to get my body in the healthiest shape possible. It was not only for my future health and happiness but also for my children’s too.

Sometimes I think it is necessary to put yourself first. And stand gently (but strong) in your own personal power!! Things always work out for the best if you stay honest and true to yourself 🙂


I love that saying “Knowledge is Power”. There is a ridiculous amount of truth to this statement. I found that educating myself (and playing the role of detective) really helped me to understand my own unique health situation and gave me the motivation and inspiration to try and fix it.

Genetic testing was just one of the best things I could have done, as it provided me with some fantastic insights. I soon discovered that I had a genetic mutation comprising the function of my detoxification pathway system (basically meaning my poor liver has to work a littler harder to detoxify and break down any nasty chemicals from our food, water and environment).

This knowledge alone has been AWESOME as I now know to be extra careful with everything I put in, on and around my precious temple. I got your back beauty-full body!!

Simo Says – Support organic all the way baby!  For the health of us, our divine Mother Nature, and the future generations to come! … and for you too baby sunshine, mumma just loves you so so much xxx

We are such lucky ducks nowadays to have access to an abundance of resources. Do your research and feel empowered by your decisions. Such a confidence booster – YAY!!


If I were to turn back the clock, and jump straight into Femara from the get go,  I can almost guarantee there would have been a different outcome.

Not only would my health issues still be present today (actually worse with the added toxicity from the pills), but I truly doubt my body would have responded so kindly. It would have pushed it to toxicity overload and I just know that no baby would want to grow up in this type of place.

Even though my journey was difficult at times, I wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂

It goes without saying that I will be eternally grateful for Femara (and medicine in general) for getting me across the line, but I am even MORE thankful for taking the time to heal. I have seriously never felt better in my life, and that’s what matters most!! BOOM!!


Hard work pays off. Challenging times don’t last. Be willing to do whatever it takes (no matter how hard), and know that deep within your soul, all things are possible for those who believe…

Patience, love, trust, courage, HEART-CENTRED determination – you’ve got this my legends!!



If you believe in your body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal, and provide it with the right environment it needs to thrive, you will have the best fighting chance to get through anything.

Simo Says – Some day you are going to look back on all the progress you have made and be glad you didn’t quit! Keep moving towards that dream of yours 🙂

Sending infinite love from Baby Sunshine and I

Mwah xxx

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