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All about Simo :)

I am a sensitive wee soul who enjoys the simple things in life.

I love being in nature, basking in its divine beauty and feeling connected to Mother Earth.

The warm glow of sunshine makes my heart happy.

Yoga, stillness and essential oils are my soul medicine and are non negotioable baby.

Exploring, adventuring and beach hangs with my puppy “Bowie The Wonder Dog” fills up my love tank like nothing else.

Being silly, laughing and not taking life too seriously with my soul mate Willis is the best!!

I seek to see beauty everywhere; from a smile, to a hug, to a sunset or beautiful flower.

I embrace being a woman, my sensitivity and accept my deep rich emotions as a gift

I feel the happiest when I am in my feminine energy. I am a nurturer, a carer, a loving wife, fur mumma, daughter, sister and friend.


I am Simo and I do Simo things…and I couldn’t be happier!!




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